Shark Sight Optics is the premiere manufacturer of professional poker sun glasses. With years of expertise and testing, we proudly stand behind our products and guarantee our customer's satisfaction when using them. Shark Sight Optics was founded in 2020 by our current owner - Dr. Jeffrey Zigulis. Jeff graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry 1993 and has been working in the industry since. By teaming up professional poker player, Phil Gordon, we have crafted the ultimate set of poker sunglasses and high definition lenses.

Quality Materials

Our frames are crafted from the same high end materials that other large names in the business are using.

Engineered to win

The Poker Lens by Shark Sight Optics is designed to enhance clarity under casino lighting while the High Definition lens has been shown to block 99% of low light (wavelengths between 400-480nm) making it the optimal blue light blocker.

Trusted by Professionals

Our sunglasses are trusted by professionals everyday including professional poker star Phil Gordon.


Whether on a video call with my crew, going all in at the poker table, or out on the golf course, the high contrasts lenses make a big difference!

Phil Gordon
Professional Poker Player